Neudash is Tailwind dashboard build with Modern Skeumorpism aka Neumorpism. This template is perfect for make modern and clean dashboard.

Get Started

Start development in a simple way

1. Open Neudash folder from terminal

2. Run
npm install
3. Start development
npm run dev

4. Development server http://localhost:3000/

5. Start editing the html file and the server will reload automatically after the html changes

6. If you need minify css, Run
npm run build

Edit Css

Most of the code uses Tailwind css, so you can edit directly via html. But there are some additional css that you can edit or delete via src/tailwindcss/tailwindcss.css

Edit JS

Most of the javascript that Neudash uses "Pure Javascript" is src/js/script.js.

For an alternative, you can use alpine.js.

Plugins configuration files are in src/js/plugins.js

Specifically for chart.js configuration, it is located in the src/js/charts/**.js

Edit Font

The default Neudash font uses Open Sans. If you want to replace it with another font, please edit via tailwind.config.js (fontFamily). Don't forget to edit the css font link from html head.

Like: <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Open Sans:wght@300;400;600;700&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">

Edit Icons

The default Neudash icon use Bootstrap Icon. If you want to use another font, please edit it via html file.

Dark Mode

Neudash already supports Dark Mode, Please add class="dark"

in the html <html lang="en"> to change to dark mode.

Your Side Sheet Title

Theme Color

Light & Dark

Switch RTL

Refresh Chart Color